Port-of-Rotterdam.nl assist foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to get in touch with suitable logistical suppliers.

Are you a foreign entrepreneur in the Netherlands? The last thing you need, is being worried about your logistics. Port-of-Rotterdam.nl solves this for you.

Port-of-rotterdam.nl is operated by Corneliszoon, Holland's second-largest logistics e-publisher. We maintain an extensive database with information about the activities in and around the Dutch harbours, airports and other business areas. We know exactly which suppliers suit your demands. Especially those in the vast field of logistics (transport, warehousing, transshipment, forwarding, packaging materials and machines, etc).

And we are glad to search for you, and share our knowledge. You can just fill out the form and we will get back to you. It is that easy.

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the Dutch packaging database.
More than a thousand companies in the Netherlands are active in the packaging business. We know in detail, which companies can deliver exactly what you want.
  • product packaging
  • protective packaging
  • packaging of hazardous materials
  • setting up and maintaining production or packaging lines
  • packaging materials and supplies
  • packaging machines
  • support
You can view our Dutch packaging database, and search products, product lines and suppliers. Or send us an email with your questions and needs.

the Dutch logistics database.
The Dutch are renowned for their innovative logistics. They are the European leaders in logistical services, and mainport to Europe. Virtually any solution can be built or serviced for you. Choose whether you want to operate your logistics yourself, or you want to outsource.
If you can read Dutch, we advise you to view Dutch waehousing database. It contains extensive information on (suppliers of) fork lift trucks, warehousetrucks, warehouse equipment, storage facilities, warehouse design and simulation, and warehousing services.
Or, you may simply get in touch with us and explain what you are looking for, and you will receive valuable suggestions from an independent source. Free of charge.

the Dutch transport equipment database.
The Dutch are the best builders of transport equipment in the world. So if you want to operate your own fleet, you have come to the right place.
We help you get in touch with the right suppliers. Either you can surf yourself in the Dutch transport equipment database, or send us an email with what you are looking for.
  • trailers and tractors
  • vans
  • bodybuilders and specialized equipment
  • maintenance and services

Marketing services give you a head start.
Do you need a proper introduction to the Dutch market? We support you with setting up your own marketing instruments: contact databases, websites, mailing systems, SEO-service, call centre services. Get in touch with us, or arrange a meeting. We are based in Groningen (north) and Voorburg (the Hague / Rotterdam area).

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